I Lost My Mojo, Baby….

This week I have been feeling like Austin Powers in the sense that I do not know who stole my mojo, baby but it is definitely gone.  Last week, the first week in which I did not have to work a full day of school I was full of energy.  I woke up early three days early to go for a run before school, went running late Wednesday afternoon for Global Running Day, then went running in the rain (and I do not run in the rain, EVER!) and then I went for my long run on Saturday.  And maybe that is when I lost my mojo.  Another unsuccessful attempt at making my distance for my long run, this week it was supposed to be 21km, just a shade under half marathon distance.  Needless to say, I again did not make the distance before I tapped out.

And unfortunately, this loss of mojo is now spilling into my everyday life.  This past Tuesday I came home to finish Guardians of the Galaxy, I had to keep watching one section of the movie three times because I continually fell asleep and had no idea what was taking place.  Otherwise I am completely lethargic and do not feel like completing even the most menial of tasks right now.  I am even find the motivation to go for a short run difficult as I am leaving my running clothes laid out next to my bed and I just do not want to do it.  

I think (thinking is where I tend to get myself into trouble) have even pinpointed to the two reasons that my running has been stifled over the last month, poor fueling during my run and the inhumane amount of humidity that I am encountering every morning.  But right now, at least this week there has been no mojo; the mighty Casey has struck out.  I somehow need to recapture the momentum, recapture the magic, the magical  joy of running.  I need that mental courage to go out there again and I need the mental courage to succeed.  I have been mentally holding myself back in the fact that even completing a 10K, yet alone a 15K or longer has been difficult.  And now it is time for me to go out and snatch the brass ring and quit waiting for good things to happen.

Last week’s planned long run: 21 km Actual: 18 km

Please help support my 2nd Annual campaign in support of Girls on the Run.  Any donation amount goes to a great cause by supporting scholarships, academic resources, race entries, shoes, water bottles, and much, much more.  If you would like to donate, please click on the link below:



After writing this yesterday I actually got my lazy bottom out of bed and decided that I was going to attack a 10K run before work this morning.  And despite all the hills, all five of them, the warm temperature, 74 degrees, and high humidity, 95%.  Hopefully this will be the start of something good again.


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