Looking Forward to Friday

i am not afraid.

i am Not afraid.

i am Not Afraid.

i Am Not Afraid.

I Am Not Afraid.





Normally I look forward to Fridays.  Not just because it is the end of the work week but because it is the day before Saturday.  For me Saturday usually equals Long Run Day.  In fact, on my calendar program I often replace Saturday at the top with the words “Long Run Day.”  However, since the calendar has flipped to May I have been struggling with my long runs and that has allowed some anxiety and doubt to take up space inside my head.

For getting close to two weeks I have been wallowing in a deep, dank, dark pit of self-pity and self-doubt. Trying to figure out how I am going to accomplish the dream that I have set in front of myself for nearly the last two years; running and finishing the Chicago Marathon.  Unfortunately, my training runs of the last two weeks have been woefully short of the planned goal that I set for myself.  That frustration coupled with the daily day-to-day frustrations that I deal with kind of put me into a funk.  But at some point the restaurant has to close and the Pity Party of 1 has to get up from its table and face the world again.  

So this Friday I am having a big plate of Success for breakfast, putting on my Big Boy pants, and mentally telling myself that I am going to have a successful run, I am not afraid, I know I can do whatever I set my mind to accomplish.  And this is one of them. I will conquer this week’s training run and get back on track for my training.  I will erase the doubt, the fear that has creeped in and meet the goals I have established for myself.

Please help support my 2nd Annual campaign in support of Girls on the Run.  Any donation amount goes to a great cause by supporting scholarships, academic resources, race entries, shoes, water bottles, and much, much more.  If you would like to donate, please click on the link below:



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