Shaken, but Not Stirred

Right now my confidence is pretty much at a low point, the lowest it has been in a long while I can easily say.  Over the last two weeks I have come woefully short on my last few training runs.  The mental toll that it is taking on me has been huge, even after adjusting my training due to the heat and humidity of Florida.  Thought making shorter goals in the beginning to build up to longer runs would be a good idea, unfortunately that has not worked out as well as I had hoped.  The major problem, of course, is that I generally only get to run once a week so the chances to make up for a bad run and almost nonexistent right now.  These disappointing runs weigh heavily on my mind as the week carries forward to the next week.  When I started running this week, this doubt set in right away too.  I had only a brief period of time when my run felt strong and comfortable.

Moving forward into this coming week I am again looking for something that will give me the mental edge to keep moving forward, to get better each week.  There are now only 19 weeks to go until the Chicago Marathon I would like to go into the marathon with just the normal race day anxiety that I regularly deal, not to have to deal with the doubts of wondering whether my training has been adequate or not.  Trying to think back on the things that have been successful before and think of what I can do to replicate those things again.

The one thought I have been turning over in my mind has been to go back to my last successful Half Marathon, the Princess Half Marathon back in February.  In that one I made it 11 miles before having to walk for a mile, again due to the humidity and heat that decided they wanted to come for a short weekend.  For that weekend I had a pretty good music list that helped power me through that run.  Maybe that is what I need to get me going again.

Either way, I need to jump start my running again because right now the struggle is real, really, really, real.

This Sundays Run: 14.17 km Planned: 18km Difference: -3.83 km

Please help support my 2nd Annual campaign in support of Girls on the Run.  Any donation amount goes to a great cause by supporting scholarships, academic resources, race entries, shoes, water bottles, and much, much more.  If you would like to donate, please click on the link below:


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