Was It Just a Bad Run?

This week’s long run was a tough one.  It was the culmination of a tough personal week in general and ended with a terrible run.  The weather as well this week was a beast, with high temperatures in the low 90°s with the “real feel” feeling like 98°-99° in the early and late afternoon.  While over the last month the temperature in the morning had been between 63°-66° with around 80% humidity, this past Saturday at 4 AM when I went out for my run it was an astounding 73° with 95% humidity.  It was like wearing two sweatsuits and trying to run my prescribed mileage.  Unfortunately to say, it drained all of the energy from me and I came woefully short of scheduled distance, 14.85 km run when I was planning to do 22km.

This left me with some head scratching and some recalculating to do to get ready for the Chicago Marathon.  Am I being too ambitious?  Does my fueling plan need to be adjusted?  Does my hydration plan need to be changed?  Should I feel disappointed?  Should I feel like a loser?  What is going to happen when the really dog days of summer really hit me in Florida?

In my original plan, I have built in several weeks for having a bad run.  Would there be weeks when I just had a bad run or if there was bad weather that kept me from running.  Now I am looking at redoing the whole plan for the dog days of summer moving in.  I went home and researched the average temperature for the summer and I am expecting it to be in the 70s for the lows with high humidity.  So I have been sitting and contemplating whether or not to restart building my mileage from the distance that I just completed and to build up from there.  Or do I take this week as a hiccup and hope to rebound this week and keep moving forward.  There are obvious pros and cons to doing both.

If I recalculate my plan to restart based on last week’s run I will still put myself in a comfortable zone to be ready for Chicago in October.  I should be hitting between 30-35 km by mid-September.  With the rate of distance and the hopefully prevailing cooler temperatures and much lower humidity of Chicago, I should have gas left in the tank to carry me across the finish line.  And I will still have built in weeks to have the hopefully not to  occasional bad run and still have time to recover.

Not sure which way I am leaning at the moment, but I know that at this point I believe I am giving myself the best chance to successful when October rolls around on the calendar.

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