Where’d That Hill Come From?

So I am trying to figure out where this hill came from that I encountered during my recent long run over the weekend.  In my head I had planned my route, knowing that I would have to loop around a certain segment to hit my scheduled mileage.  So as I was making my way through my route I reached the intersection of road which had been previously closed to traffic.  I had previously not gone down this road before since I was threatened with being arrested for trespassing several months before.  But that is a story for another time.

Now I knew the route was most likely going to end at a road that I cross all the time when I run east.  I have also driven down several other roads that parallel this new road, and guess what, they are all FLAT!  So imagine my surprise as I look up and see this somewhat daunting hill staring back at me.  But I figure what the heck, conquer this hill, there will be some flat road to regroup before having to return back over the hill.  NOPE!  Not even a ¼ mile of road before I had to turn back and get back over that hill.  Do not get me wrong, I have learned to enjoy running hills and know the extreme benefit of them, but I need to plan them to mentally be prepared.  And this particular run I was not prepared.  As a result I ran the hill a little harder than planned and my legs gave out the last 3 km of the run because of it, but I made it.

Two days later, I was looking at the map feature of my RoadID app that is on my phone.  Imagine my surprise when I learned to things.  First, when the map was loaded into the app the road was not there.  Obviously, not a big surprise since the road was just completed within the last three months.  But here is where the humdinger of a surprise came, as I looked at the map there was no hill there EITHER.  The hill must have been manmade as they moved dirt to construct the road and install what appeared to be a power plant generator for new subdivisions to be built in the area.  Nice to know that I am not completely off my rocker in knowing that a hill should have not been there.  

Another good week of training in the books gearing up for Chicago.  This weekend looks like it is going to be a real, scorcher – 71 degrees at 4 AM with 90% humidity.  Nothing like training in the middle of summer in Florida.

Please help support my 2nd Annual campaign in support of Girls on the Run.  Any donation amount goes to a great cause by supporting scholarships, academic resources, race entries, shoes, water bottles, and much, much more.  If you would like to donate, please click on the link below:



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