Running Gets Me Through

The idea that my running mirrors what my workday looks like can be a little daunting if not downright scary.  But as I look at the last several weeks of my life, it is pretty accurate.  Just as the first few miles of a long run are often the toughest trying to find my rhythm and get my legs going, the first few hours of the work day are often the toughest for me as well.  But  I know that I have to work through the hard beginning of the day to get to the glory of the end of the day.  

The great unknown of the beginning of the run is not knowing how my body, mind, and spirit are all going to work in conjunction with each other.  During my run it is the challenge of getting through the first two or three miles.  In the course of  the workday it is the unknown of how many busses will be on time, how many fights, how many e-mails and voicemails that I will have to deal that make mornings tough.  Then as the day continues all of a sudden I look up and it is the afternoon.  That is when the day starts sailing, just like the middle of a good run.  

As I have been writing this for a few days I woke up this morning to the news of the suicide death of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez.  I was moved to the point of tears this morning as I heard about it, and had my daughter not been there in the room I probably would have full out cried.  The thing that catches me off guard about the whole thing is that I have no idea why.  Was never a big fan of Aaron Hernandez but for some reason I was moved to tears.  Maybe it is the all to public tragedy that his life became and how so many other lives like his quietly go by unnoticed by most of the world other than their families.  

So in the end as I think about, the best thing that I get from running is the ability to make my life better: having the time to think and reflect on life during some alone time.  And at the same time knowing that as bad as things can be, if you give yourself a chance to work and push through it you will reach that finish line.


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