The Tower

Every so often I change up what my running route from the ones that I routinely take from my house.  Generally I will do this about a week or two before a race to clear my mind.  Two weeks ago I needed to do so because I needed a change of scenery and not to think about my usual distance markers.  The only memorable maker on this route for me is the where the first/last mile marker are.  The most confusing one for me however is a tower that extends above the tree line at the four km out/back marker.  

Unfortunately, I am never smart enough to figure that out as I am looking at the tower.  That might be due to the fact that I never run an even distance out to just know that.  So as I begin approaching the tower and seeing it off in the distance I can never truly tell if it one, two, or three kilometers away.  That is when I start to fall into Little Engine That Could mode.  “I think I can make it to the tower, I think I can make it to the tower.”  That then leads me to thinking, how did I run two kilometers and still not get to that stupid tower?!?

This week, that tower really became symbolic for me not so much in running, but in life.  This has been in mild terms a rough and difficult week at school for me.  When you work in  Exceptional Student Education, you truly never know what to expect from one to the next.  Let us be honest, from minute to minute.  From several people not coming to work all on one day to dealing with difficult students and parents, it has been one of those weeks that could bring a person to tears.  And the one thing that has seemed to have kept me going is thinking about that tower that I saw on my last long run.  Just keep moving forward, keep moving forward, keep moving forward and you will reach that tower.  Always forward.


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