Spring Break 5K-A-Day, Part Deux

Day 6 – March 22nd

Really starting to feel it in my legs now.  Though I am not running that many miles everyday, I think that lack of a good night’s sleep in a while has been having an effect too.  Pace is picking up way too much, had to actually stop for a bit and walk.  And still came in under 35:00 minutes.  

For the first time in awhile my mind was able to wander to something different.  It has been all the talk about Colin Kaepernick not being able to find a job in the NFL as a quarterback for the upcoming season.  And the great debate over whether it has something to do with his not standing for the National Anthem last season.  Now while I think that might have something to do with it, the good things that he has done not just for his local community but the global community should far outweigh that.  The fact that players like Tony Romo (yes! technically still with the Cowboys), Jay Cutler, and Adrian Peterson have not found jobs yet either.  I have never been a fan of Kaepernick but I truly hope that he finds a job for the next season.  And remember, the second phase of NFL Free Agency does not truly begin until after the Draft.

Today’s Run: 5.12 km Spring Break Total: 42.58 km

Day 7 – March 23rd

Legs are really starting to feel tired now.  I am definitely feeling tired.  Was up late last night after watching my beloved Fighting Illini battle back but come up just short during their game against UCF.  This entire week I had been waking up at around 5:30 and rolling out of bed by 6:30 or 7:30 at the latest.  Today I rolled out of bed at 7:39 and guess who’s alarm clock did not go off this morning?  And I won the lottery for taking the girls to school this morning.  Plus we have a housing inspection today, so had to do some late house cleaning after I dropped the girls off.  Then I debated should I run early or should I run after we take them to soccer practice.  Then I was going run early but Rocky II came on the TV, and Rocky is my absolute favorite movie franchise of all time.

So then I decided to go running when the movie was over.  Really tried to take today’s run a lot slower than the ones I have taken over the past week and completely felt miserable the entire time.  By the time I made it out of the house, it was 72 degrees outside and sunny.  So I tried to go out with a running hat and sunglasses.  I have decided that running with a hat on is completely miserable.  Feels like it justs traps the body heat that I am trying to release into the hat and makes me hotter.  So no more hats.  And then running back into a headwind was not much fun either.  But we made it.

Today’s Run: 5 km Spring Break Total: 47.58 km

Day 8 – March 24th

Overslept this morning, that is to say I did not want to get out of bed this morning.  Had plenty of opportunity to do so but did not.  Which is bad because I did not go for my long this morning which means I am going to have to put off this run until Sunday, Day 10.  Took the girls to school again this morning before coming home to go for today’s run.  A pretty warm day this morning and windy again.  Strong headwinds at the beginning.  Also started thinking about that I will have to find a different route for this week’s long run.  No matter which way I go this Sunday I will be thinking that I am at the halfway point of my 5K and not that I should be going longer for my long run.  Oh, well I guess we will tackle that challenge when it comes.

Today’s Run: 5.21 km Spring Break Total: 52.79 km

Day 9 – March 25th

Slept in my Pro Compression socks last night.  Probably the best night of sleep that I have had in a long time.  It fact the sleep was so good I did not want to get out of bed.  And I did not.  So I did not give myself enough time to get my run in this morning.  Which means that today’s run is going to be really late today because soccer matches will not be over until after 11.  In fact, I did not make for today’s run until after 5 this afternoon.  And I did not feel like taking my run outside my subdivision so I did four laps around the subdivision.  Those four laps turned out to be completely miserable as there was no shade and it was well above 80 degrees in the direct sunlight.  Even with sunscreen on the sun rocked me Mike Tyson in his prime.  Now really hoping that I have enough for tomorrow morning’s long run.  Or should I just be content with my another 5K and call it a week?

Today’s Run: 5.1 km Spring Break Total: 57.89 km

Day 10 – March 26th

Set the alarm clock, laid out my clothes, placed my running shoes in a convenient place, made my Nuun hydration drink, and my GenU prerun shake.  I was prepared to try and get this long run in today.  Drove to another close location to run a different route than the two that I had been running the last nine days.  Did not want the mental lengths that I had been running to be stuck in my head.  However, there was one problem that had been plaguing me for the last few days and I was hoping to avoid it today.

NOPE!  It happened again today.  I thought I was having a problem with my Nike App but it turns out that that was only part of the problem.  The other problem was being caused by my  running belt.  I changed the orientation of which direction my app was being displayed.  This in turn caused songs to skip, pause or fast forward as I was running.  And strangely, I measure my distance by the music even though I also get feedback for every kilometer that I run.  But it was getting frustrating to listen to a song, get to a good verse or hook, and then it change to another song.  So finally today I decided to try and fix the problem while I was out on the run, while I was running.  Because it made way too much sense to pause and fix it and continue as opposed to juggling everything at once, IN THE DARK!  I am amazed that I have not seriously injured myself.  Maybe that is what the courage of running with my RoadID bracelet and App does for me.

Well the challenge is over.  10 5Ks in 10 days, covering my entire Spring Break.  Longest running streak I have ever completed.  No injuries, which is the best news.   

Today’s Run: 18 km Spring Break Total: 75.89 km


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