Spring Break 5K-A-Day, part I

Day 1 – March 17th

Pretty cold outside, at least for Florida standards.  45 degrees outside so I decided I would run in tights and an old pair of training shorts instead of running shorts.  Started my run off a little slowly because I was doing a few things that I have never done before or at least in awhile.  I was using the Pace Playlist from my Nike Running app, I wore a running hat because the sun was beginning to rise and did I mention it was cold.  The first four songs that Spotify played were songs that I was unfamiliar and this was definitely messing with me mentally.  As I got to the 2 km mark of my run, finally something familiar comes on and my mind begins to feel a little more at ease.  And only a little more at ease because both hips are sore, hands are freezing, lungs are burning, and I feel like my legs are stuck in tar.

As I start to make the turn for home I start thinking to myself that there is no way I am going to make it back for this last mile-plus.  I can see where the next turn in my route is around the curve in the road, and it might as well be 10 miles instead of one.  Then my new favorite artist to listen lately, Chance the Rapper, comes on and it powers me through the last portion.  As I make the turn for home I know I have almost made it but it seems to be taking everything I have to make it.  Finally the app announces that I have completed my goal.  As I stop my app and look at my stats I see that I completed my run in 34:48 for a 6:51 pace.  No wonder my lungs were burning? I cannot think of the last time I kept a pace under 7 min/km.  

Today’s Run: 5.07 km

Day 2 – March 18th

Today is my long run day, so instead of doing a 5K, I have a 16K run plan on the agenda.  I need this run, both mentally and physically.  I have not had any good runs since completing the Glass Slipper Challenge at the end of February.  And even though that was only three weeks ago it really felt like a lifetime ago; almost like I was starting back at Square One again.  But getting in 16 today would put me at the halfway point of my training for the Chicago Marathon in October.  So I know I had to get it done today.  Plus, I had to, I needed to prove to myself that I could get it done.  Because during the Princess Marathon Mile 10 proved to be my Waterloo and I had to get through it and power on.  I was able to manage my pacing a lot better today, probably because I knew I had the longer distance to cover.  Hips were still sore today, luckily not at the same time, seemed to alternate which hip wanted to be sore this morning.  The bad part was that I decided to incorporate hills into my run, so peaking over the last hill on the way home took a bit out of me.  And then mentally I was struggling with how I was going to stretch my route to equal 16K since my planned route was not long enough.  But I somehow managed it.

Today’s run: 16.16 km Spring Break Total: 21.23 km

Day 3 – March 19th

It is finally the last day of Winter.  And again it feels like winter here in Florida.  Another day I did not want to roll out of the bed either.  How badly did I not want to go this morning?  Normally when I run, I run in either my Pro Compression Marathon socks or Experian padded socks.  Since I decided to wear tights again today, the plan was to wear padded socks.  However, after I made it back home and was ready to shower, I looked down and laying on the bed: the padded socks.  

So in the past, I have always come to a little turn off road that I have ignored, but thought that it came out just a little bit ahead at the main entrance of the subdivision.  OOPS!  Mistake on my part.  As I started moving through the subdivision I had no idea where I was and how I was going to get out of the subdivision.   Eventually I saw some traffic going by between some houses and figured out which way I needed to go get out.  Added an extra K to my run this morning; ended up doing 6K instead of 5.  No worries.

Today’s run: 6.08 km Spring Break Total: 27.31 km

Day 4 – March 20th

It’s the first day of Spring, and still a bit chilly this morning.  Just a was getting started to start my run this morning, my phone begins ringing in my ear.  And immediately I recognize it as my Mom’s ringtone, which makes me nervous, very, very, nervous.  Why would she be calling me on a Monday morning at 5:30ish her time?  Because she was sending me a text message and accidentally butt-dialed me afterwards.  Wanted to let me know that she was headed in for her knee surgery and that was why she missed my call the night before.  So with that little hiccup behind me I was ready to resume my run.  By the way, the surgery was successful, just needed to remove some scar tissue.

Also on this fabulous morning was the first day that my daughter is back to school from her Spring Break.  After being away from home with the grandparents for the last five days, getting her back into her routine the night before was a bit of a challenge.  Plus, she was able to sleep in this morning since we were able to drive her to school in the morning.  Funny part was her alarm never went off this morning so she was still in bed when I came back from my run.  So woke her up, got her ready for school and off they went for the day.  It was about 45 minutes later when the house was empty did I learn why her alarm did not go off this morning, Daylight Savings Time took place and her alarm clock was the only clock in the house that was not changed.

This morning’s run was something different because I decided to just take water instead of my normal Nuun drink.  Did not appear to be much of a problem this morning as I was keeping it a simple 5K.  The hips are still sore, but nothing bothersome and they do not hurt when I walk or do other activities so not too worried about it being anything serious.  Today’s pace was under 7 min/km again with the last three splits faster than the previous one.  Starting to hope that this does not mess with my long run.

Today’s run: 5.13 km Spring Break Total: 32.43 km

Day 5 – March 21st

Starting to warm up a little more in the morning.  Hoping to be able to ditch the tights in a day or two.  Also trying to think of what I did with the second pair of tights that I owned.  Have not really needed to run in tights on a consistent basis since moving back here to Florida.  But oh well, by Thursday should not need them.  Of course, hoping I will be in condition physically or mentally to run on Thursday morning.  In a shocking development, my beloved Illini are playing UCF here in Orlando in a NIT Basketball game.  So it will be a late night.

Today was another good run.  My was an exact 7 min/km today.  To each km was faster than the previous one with my last one coming in at 6:26.  First the first time the run did not feel labored or painful.  Hips were still feeling a bit sore and I noticed that it had more to do with the tilt of the sidewalk more than anything else.  So I might have to rethink part of the last part of my route for my long run this week, so I do not think about the pain towards the end of the run.

On a less impressive note, went to Hash House A Go Go today for lunch.  Amazing meal of Chicken and Waffles.  If you ever have the opportunity to go to one, I highly recommend it.  Especially after a good long training run.  

Today’s Run: 5.03 km Spring Break Total: 37.46 km

Well, there are the first five days.  I’ll see you later with the last days…..maybe, hopefully….


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