Presidents Day

I originally wrote this post in November following the Presidential Election, just never took the time to publish it.  Since then I have been moved by the peaceful protests and marches that have been held across this great country and the world.  Even today, NOT MY President Day marches have taken place across this country.  So it makes me feel happy to see this happening.

Dear America,

Well, the Presidential Election has come and gone and for many in the country the winner was neither who they wanted nor expected.  But now is not the time to give up faith, hope, or courage in this great country we called America.  Let us please think more of our country, our elected leaders, and even ourselves to believe that we are going to let the United States of 2017 turn into the Germany of the 1930’s.  I would truly hope and believe that we have better faith in our system of checks and balances to keep that from happening to our fellow citizens.  Will there be change, of course, and for some it will be unwelcome change.  But change is inevitable, there would have been change despite which candidate had won the election.  The pendulum of democracy swings every four to eight years, that is one of the many great hallmarks of this country.

But here is the big picture America, America is more than just one person, one elected official, one President.  If you are happy with the way the country and decisions are being made, then by all means live your life and keep moving on.  However, if you are unhappy and you want your voice to be heard, then by all means please use your voice to be heard.  Do not wait another roughly 730 days until the next election, but rather write letters to your Representatives, your Senators, your Governors, let your voice be heard.  The beautiful part of America is that it is a democracy.  We get to choose who our leaders and the people that lead us are.  And if we do not approve of the job they are doing, we have the opportunity to vote them out of office.  But let us just wait and grow apathetic.

As I went on my practice 5K run with the young ladies of Girls on the Run  teaching them about perseverance and hard work, it made me reflect back on the movie Field of Dreams.  Particularly at the end of the movie when James Earl Jones is giving his infamous speech about baseball.  When the blackboard of America has been erased over and over again.  Well, the blackboard may have been erased but it has not been washed clean.  And we as a people cannot just wash ourselves clean of the political system and give up because the election did not turn out the way it was predicted.  Instead, we need to demonstrate and model how they as the future of this great country can institute change.  For it is our duty, our obligation to leave this country, this world a better place for them.

Girls on the Run Glass Slipper Challenge Fundraiser



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