Right Down Mockingbird Lane

As I was preparing for my weekend long run, I realized that I had two options.  The first option was to be smart and sensical.  The second option was to be humorous and nonsensical.  Since my is to be slowly increasing my runs by one kilometer at a time, it would have made perfect sense for this week to be 11km, at max 12 km since the week before was 10.55 and I had already stretched that one because of a race.  But then there was the humorous side of me that said, But it’s Halloween weekend, wouldn’t it be funny to 13 this weekend? Even funnier to do 13.13, you know like The Munsters address?

Then in my head I started calculating it out.  I pushed the prior week a 1.5 km longer than the previous week.  And that week included 3 tough miles over the sand, how much harder could this be?  Plus it’s been cooler all week in the morning and you know how much better you do the colder it gets.  So in my head I made a compromise.  Let’s plan on doing 12km and if the legs feel strong in the end we can try and squeeze the last one out.  

So I reached the 6K turnaround and thought to myself, well this is good since the return is pretty much all downhill from here.  Tried not to think too much about how far I still had to return to get home.  After awhile I started to think to myself what way was I going to run to squeeze in that last 1.13, because it was starting to warm up and the soon was coming out.  

The important lesson that I learned from these last two runs is the mental toughness that it takes to keep going and to make each run better than the previous one.

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