My ???th Return to Running

I’m BACK!!!  I remember when Michael Jordan used those words to mark his return to the Chicago Bulls.  I wish I was coming back to the top of game the way he did during his comeback.  Slowly but surely I am making what seems like my 100th comeback to running.  This time it was a medical setback that took a long time to discover the source.  My goal for the year was to run the Chicago Marathon.  Unfortunately during my runs this summer I began to suffer dizziness and headaches.  I thought that my problem was simply hydration and nutrition.  So I tried several things that I thought would help get me over the hump.  Yet nothing seemed to help.

So I made the decision that I would go see my Primary Care Physician.  We discussed my situation and reviewed my history and it was decided that I would go for a CT for my sinuses and my head.  And this is where the shenanigans begin.  Doctor writes me a prescription for the headaches and referral to get the CT.  Since my schedule is limited when I can go, I make an appointment for two weeks out.  The day before the appointment the insurance company denies my appointment because a head CT is unnecessary in their opinion.  Let’s ignore the fact that the sinuses are located in the head!  So after just writing the referral for the sinus CT the insurance company again denies the procedure.  My doctor then refers me to an ENT who sends me for SURPRISE, a CT of my sinuses and head.  Now I am just waiting to get those results.

MEANWHILE…. I slowly began running again, just trying to lengthen my runs by 1K a week.  I slowly started thinking that I had a solid base for a 5K, which turned out to be wrong, but a 4K run was still a solid start in my opinion.  I mean seriously, only way to go was up, right?  And then this is where my thinking completely goes off the rails.

I began coaching the fall semester for Girls on the Run at my middle school.  When one of the sponsors mentions that the Solemates program is looking for charity runners to run the Princess Half-Marathon in February.  And in typical me fashion, I procrastinated and got wait listed.  THEN…. how would you like to run the Glass Slipper Challenge?  Sure, why not!!!  Then another friend says to me, Hey, would you run the Cocoa Beach Half Relay with me?  AGAIN, why not?!?!?  It is not like I know what the source of my headaches are anything yet, right!!!!!!!!!  Then I agree to run the last half of the relay, no big deal.  UNTIL…… Oh there are 3 miles of running on the beach! WHAT THE WHAT?!?!

Needless to say, I survived my 10K+ plus trek this week running the Relay.  I am waiting to see the ENT for my follow-up appointment to see what can be done about my ongoing sinus infection and headaches.  Slowly rebuilding my legs to reach a 15K by Thanksgiving weekend.  Still looking forward to completing the Glass Slipper Challenge in February.  And definitely looking forward to Chicago Marathon come next October.  

To make a donation to my Glass Slipper Challenge Run, please click on the link below:


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