The Ugly Word Hate

I know I have been away from blog awhile, but most recently on my last run the concept of hate was really on my mind.  And it is not like hate is a new concept: hate has been around since the beginning of time.  As early as the fourth chapter of Genesis when Cain killed Abel out of jealousy, hate has been around.

Then I began thinking about it, has hatred in the world increased at all.  As a child, I learned the lessons of hate relating to slavery, the Civil War, foreign immigration, Nazi Germany, and the Civil Rights Movement and beyond.  The hate of the world has always been around us and we have always been aware of it to some extent or another, whether we tried to ignore it or not.

But the world has continued to get smaller.  Growing up as a child, there were four television channels; now there are some 4000 channels.  If something happened on Monday morning you might not hear about it until Monday night or Tuesday morning.  There were some events that were immediately transmitted to the public, but for the most part we had to wait for it.  I think about the fact that one of the major moments in United States Olympic history was broadcast on tape delay.  And there was no immediate result available to most of the country or the world.  Now when something happens, we can literally get the information right away on our smartphones, tablets, and other devices.  So now we get to see the world from multiple perspectives of the media and social media which unfortunately have their own self-serving agendas.  And it is all these platforms that focus on the negativity of the world and overlook the positivity that is all around us.  And then when I do see some of the positivity, I sometimes take a cynical view of it; like this is not the real news that I am looking to watch.

And instead of looking for answers to solve the problems that are facing our society there is too much finger pointing.  George Washington had it right that we should avoid political parties and foreign alliances.  The biggest problems that plague this country can be connected to the formation of parties and our foreign alliances.  Somehow we became the leading peacekeeper of democracy meanwhile are having a hard time maintaining the peace in our own neighborhoods.  Monies that could be better spent improving our world and society at home are somehow being spent and sent to foreign countries.  Meanwhile, a large segment of our population blindly follows political leaders and parties that make promises that they cannot keep.

And now this hate that is broadcast all over media, especially “reality TV” shows teach our children that hate is somehow OK.  Shows celebrating people fighting over the pettiest things that have nothing to do with real-life or importantly the real world.  Teaching and showing people I can hate you because you are different than I am instead of trying to teach acceptance and respect.  I do not need everyone to like me or respect me, nor do I need to like everyone else.  But I will always try to respect the other person and their opinion.  But somehow people have developed this theory that if you do not agree with their opinion that you are a “hater.”  No I am not a hater, I just happen not to agree with your opinion.  Your favorite color is probably different than mine; does that make me a hater?  No it is what me different, it is what makes me unique.  It was what makes me, well ME.


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