Second Chances for Most

Quite an interesting week we have had.  The Miami Heat survive the San Antonio Spurs to win their second consecutive NBA Title; LeBron wins his second straight NBA Finals MVP.  The Chicago Blackhawks score two goals in 17 seconds in the 3rd Period of Game 6 to stun the Boston Bruins and win the Stanley Cup.  Paula Deen loses her job with The Food Network for allegedly using racial slurs.  Aaron Hernandez, now formerly of the New England Patriots, arrested for murder and gun charges.

Most these stories are stories about people getting second chances and taking advantage of them.  For some, there will be no second chance.  But is that not the great part of America, for the most part we all get a second chance to make up for prior mistakes.  LeBron got a chance to overcome his “decision” when he left the city of Cleveland to join Miami.  Now he joined the argument of whether is one of the best ever.  Corey Crawford overcame the misery of last season’s playoff collapse to help lead the Blackhawks to another Stanley Cup.

What will happen to Paula Deen?  Who knows, eventually she will be forgiven for her past mistakes.  So many celebrities have overcame past transgressions after spending some time out of the spotlight.  Ray Lewis, Mike Tyson, Robert Downey, Jr., just to name a few.  This too shall pass for Paula.  Marv Albert was fired by the Knicks after his sexual transgressions only to be hired back a year later.  That is the beauty of America at times that we forgive and give the second chance. 

Well, most people get a second chance.  Aaron Hernandez will have to wait and see…..


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