Clean Mind, Fresh Start

What a great week to enjoy for Spring Break!!!  Got a lot things accomplished this week that I have been waiting to do.  Kitchen, living room, and three bathrooms cleaned and sanitized.  Our house is now smelling good and fresh.  Got the grades updated for the students in the classroom that I took over three weeks ago.  I was finally able to get a lot of the stress and pressures off of my mind.  And having a clear mind has allowed me to feel free.  So this Spring Break has been more about cleaning the house, but cleaning the mind as well.

And with this newfound freedom I have found the happiness of running.  Now when I have what I think is a bad run, I think of simply as a run.  If I had a bad day filled with previous stresses and pressures, I would let the bad run build up on that.  I could not think clearly to the other reasons as to why things were not going well on my runs.  And there were plenty of reasons why my runs were not going well.  Most of them were mental, but there were some physical ones as well.  My diet was awful.  I was not eating well nor on a consistent basis.  I was overeating, under eating, and there was very little healthy about anything I was eating or doing.

This week I have been able to run free and enjoy the act of running.  Now I believe that I am running to something as opposed to the feeling that I was running from something.  That provides a certain freeness and openness that I had not experienced in a while.  It allows me to actually look forward to running instead of thinking about it as a chore or something that I needed to do.  I stopped worrying about my back, my knee, or my ankle.  I was looking for excuses, not I am just looking for the joy.  Yes, I am looking to get better, but now I am now again enjoying the journey.


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