No More Excuses

This past Saturday I finally got the opportunity to do something I have not done in a long time.  I finally was able to umpire youth baseball games.  It was thrilling and exciting to watch these teams take the field for their first games of the spring.  It was even more exciting to watch the younger players who were playing for the first time.  The excitement and happiness they had in their eyes getting the chance to play for the first time, taking pictures with their teammates and for their parents.

Now if I can only get back to doing the other thing that I enjoy, running.  I wanted to take a week away after St. Patrick’s Day so that I could compose myself both mentally and physically.  Well, physically I know that I am alright again, not it is mentally I have to do it.  And the sad part is that I keep telling myself that I am ready.  The weather has finally turned nice and I should have no excuses.  Yet here I am — mired in stuck, more like parked in park.  I need to get and want to get it into gear, I just have not.  Heck, I even found new two new parks near the school that I work with nice running trails.

So tomorrow – no excuses; no bad weather, no sore knees, no bad legs, no too tired.  No excuses.  Failure from this day forward will be my ex-girlfriend.  Hard work and dedication my new steady.


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