Passion of the Books

This week I have been able to do something that I have not been able to do in a long time: read a book.  And not only have I been able to read one book, but I am on my THIRD book for the week.  I have already finished Pre by Tom Jordan and My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso.  In fact, I am halfway through Alberto Salazar’s 14 Minutes.  And as different as all three of these men appear, they are all very similar in why they chose to run.  And more importantly they have refueled my desire to keep running.  And this time to truly commit for a long time for a race.

What do I mean by a long time?  For all intents and purpose, we are at the beginning of April.  The race that I am preparing: The Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day.  I finished the race the last year after the race almost finished me.  Right after Mile 8 I caught the worse leg cramps, I could barely walk the last five miles.

Well, after I have read these three books and read the encouragement, fears, self-doubts, shortcomings, sacrifices, and accomplishments that these men went through I have decided that I can plan, train, and sacrifice for the next eight months to put it all on the line this Thanksgiving.  My plan is to be in the best shape of running life.  I will need the drive and determination of great men like Prefontaine, Salazar, and Yasso to stay focused on this goal.


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