One Good Run Erases Many Disappointments

Well, the end of this year’s Boys’ Junior Varsity season did not end the way I would have liked.  I know as a coach, I was devastated and crushed.  The boys’, while crushed immediately after the game, I am sure were back to their old selves by Saturday.  Disappointment when a young teenager seems to be very fleeting, probably by about dinner time.

As for me, I was depressed all the way up until Sunday morning.  The devastation of the last loss of the season and the devastating way in which it happened was part of it.  The other factor was that I am just over a month away from my first half of the year and I have yet to have a run of over five miles without having to stop and walk for a small stretch.

So what do I brazenly decide to do on Sunday morning?  I decide to go out for a five mile run, OF HILLS!  In the morning, in the cold, before the sun came up, what kind of ingenious thinking is going on in this guy’s head.  Well, off I went.  Did I mention the hills, that I have not been able to run at even a four mile clip without throwing in the towel?

Off I went, hoping to get in at least five miles knowing that I could hope to push myself this upcoming four-day weekend.  Well, the first mile went surprisingly smooth.  Mile 2, generally a big struggle for me went strong.  When I reached the 2.5 mile turnaround I was feeling really good and decided to push it!  Really?!?  Made it to Mile 3 and said to myself, “Self, got to make it home now.”  Mile 4 came and went and I started thinking to myself, “Come on Mile 5, we can do this!”  Reached Mile 5 and then it was let’s just get to the next hilltop, suck it up.

Made it through the next hilltop and said let’s make it to the bottom.  Then when I made it to the bottom my music list ended and started over.  Apparently, I did not truly believe I was going to make it six miles or I would have chosen a longer running mix.  But in a way it worked to my advantage because I was able to cycle through and find the perfect song to end my run on.

What was the message at the end of that run:  One good run can erase the pain and disappointment of many bad runs.


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