Running Behind but Faster

This week went for my “long run” of two miles as I prepare for my next upcoming half marathon.  Normally I would not consider two miles a long run, but as I look at my numbers for the year, I have run a whopping seven miles this year.  This is particularly sad for me since this weekend was the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.  This race is in my bucket list of races that I want to complete.  All total, there are seven races currently in my bucket list, with my first hopefully coming this St. Patrick’s Day in Atlanta.

Now I know that I am two miles behind what my personal running plan for this race should be, but I am also counting on my cross training to kick in and help.  In just the three weeks since I have begun my cross training I have been able to shave off 20 seconds from my average pace and can feel the muscles in my legs responding with little to no discomfort.  The remaining challenge is now getting my lungs cleared from this bronchial infection.  And these extreme changes in weather lately have not done me any favors.

Another thing that I am trying for this race is to disconnect for the first few miles.  So how am I going to do this?  Right now the plan is for my musical playlist to be almost completely instrumental for the first half of the race.  That way I can concentrate on the beat as it matches up with my running cadence and I can think about the words that should be in the song.  In the past my mind shifts through too many gears of thinking and I am mentally drained by the end and do not have the mental toughness that I need when I need it at the end.

So to those that completed Disney this weekend, congrats, soon I will be diving into that bucket list to complete it as well.


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