What Happened to Our Villages?

As a beginning runner or even as an intermediate runner, it has always been the village of other runners around me that has helped me in my running.  I first began running while living in Florida while discussing with my boss how he had started running.  And thus began my journey into running.  Several months later, my teammates and I entered a corporate 5K race together and I was hooked.  For a while I was just running on treadmills and entered one other race before I moved to Georgia to start the family.  And since I have started running, I have always relied, or at least listened to the running advice that I have heard or read from other runners.  And like most people I have taken some and ignored some and tweaked some of this advice for what works best for me.

But it has gotten me thinking.  What has happened to our larger villages?  What has happened to our neighborhoods and our local social networks?  What happened to the days where we were not only raised by our parents, but by our grandparents, neighbors, schools, and churches.  I remember being a kid knowing that if I did something wrong in the neighborhood, I was going to be in trouble with the parent that was in charge and then I was going to be in trouble with my parents.  There was a time when we all took responsibility for holding each other accountable.  Now we want to pass that responsibility off on somebody else or even just keep or head buried in the sand or hide behind some piece of legislation.

Nowadays it seems we are more self-absorbed in what is going on in our lives or in the lives of celebrities then to care about anybody else.  We barely know our neighbors or take the time to talk with them.  We communicate with the world more by social media outlets, yes I see the irony, than we do by any other method.  I know that I am definitely guilty of this.  Society wants to be regulated and governed by the laws that are passed by our lawmakers instead of society dictating what the laws and behaviors of ourselves should be.  There is no sense of compromise, somebody has to be wrong and everybody must pay for the mistakes of a few.


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