Listening to My Body

Well, the cold weather here in Georgia has gotten me.  Being an asthma sufferer makes me susceptible to getting sicker than I used to in my youth.  And I should have none that before I went raining when it was forecast to rain.  Whenever it is cold and damp outside I am sure to have two things happen to me, sinus infection and bronchial infection.  Luckily, there are two easy cures to my dilemma, the infamous Z-PAK and Amoxicillin.

And while I am recovering from these illnesses luckily I have had the opportunity to get back into the gym and start working my legs.  After running the Atlanta Marathon this past Thanksgiving I came to the conclusion that I need to strengthen my calves and hamstrings.  Well, today was the second day that I got the chance.  Truly working on my left leg as that is the weaker leg of the two.  The plan, to do leg extensions, leg curls, leg presses with both legs and then single leg to make sure that both legs are working equally. 

Another area of focus is my hips.  For my hips I am doing hip abductions and adductions to help strengthen my hips.  The challenge will be in trying to get my legs stronger while at the same time maintaining my flexibility, especially in my hips and hamstrings.  I want them to be stronger in my running but I do not want to become too bulky either.

So my advice for the day:  listen to your body.  Know what your body is capable of handling and do not try to push it beyond what it is ready to handle.


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